Mark C. Johnson, Esq.

Mark C. Johnson, Esq.
Mark C. Johnson, Esq.
Mark C. Johnson, Esq., managing partner of Johnson Dalal, is a Registered Patent Attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a licensed attorney with the Florida Bar, a mechanical engineer, and a Florida Board Certified Expert in Intellectual Property Law. Mark also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Johnson and the Firm's primary focus is to assist all clients in the protection, prosecution, and preservation of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and other Intellectual Property matters.  Mark also sits on the Board of Directors for Gold Coast Venture Capital Association, a non-profit founded in 1984 to provide a forum to share information that is pertinent to and develop relationships among entrepreneurs, investors and service providers in Florida’s Gold Coast, roughly defined as Palm Beach to Miami. Before practicing as an attorney, Mark worked as an engineer for a south-Florida aerospace Fortune 500 company, practicing in the company's aviation product unit. While in law school, Mark was an editor on the Nova Law Review and was consistently in the top 10% of his class, graduating magna cum laude. During his time in law school, Mark was selected to partake in a legal externship with Motorola Solutions, working in its intellectual property division and under the direction of in-house patent counsel. Prior to focusing his practice on intellectual property law, Mark practiced law as a commercial litigator at a busy litigation firm, allowing him to gain invaluable courtroom experience. During the scope of his position as a commercial litigator, Mark recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for his corporate clients and was personally involved in hundreds of litigation cases. It was here, that Mark honed his craft as a trial attorney, by conducting numerous depositions, hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and further tried jury as well as bench trials. Mark, a registered patent attorney practicing out of Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, and Tampa, has significant experience in preparing and prosecuting patents ranging from simple consumer products to industrial equipment and software, and everything in between. Exemplary patents in which Mark helped obtain are listed below. Since 2014, Mark has been repeatedly identified to be among the Top Young Lawyers in Florida by the Florida Super Lawyers publication, and has since 2013 also been repeatedly recognized by his peers to be one of Florida’s Legal Elite lawyers in intellectual property. Outside of his legal work, Mark is an active member of his community and loves spending time with his wife and two kids.
Areas of Practice
  • Patent Prosecution and Litigation
  • Trademark Prosecution and Litigation
  • Copyright Prosecution and Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Transactional Matters and Litigation
  • General Commercial Litigation
  • Appellate Practice
Licensed to Practice
  • Florida (Florida Bar No. 0084365)
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (U.S.P.T.O. Reg. No. 69,349)
  • S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
  • S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida
  • S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida
  • S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
    • Honors: Magna Cum Laude 

      Honors: Graduated In The Top Ten Percent Of His Class 

      Honors: Law Review, Notes And Comments Editor

    • Honors: Tao Beta Pi (Engineering Honors Society)

      Honors: Top Ten Percent of His Class

Exemplary Patent Prosecution Matters
  • Patent No. 10,029,655 (Wheel and Lug Nut Cleaning Device)
  • Patent No. 8,919,059 (Crown Moulding)
  • Patent No. 8,925,114 (Perspiration Concealing Brassiere)
  • Patent No. 8,950,134 (Trim Molding System Attached to a Wall Surface Having Existing Moldings Thereon)
  • Patent No. 8,967,717 (Portable child restraining seat)
  • Patent No. 8,978,343 (Method and system for transporting a cast panel
  • Patent No. 8,984,783 (Method and kit for modifying a corrugated sign assembly
  • Patent No. 9,003,592 (Cleaning pole sleeve
  • Patent No. 9,021,938 (System and method for brewing beverages
  • Patent No. 8,876,140 (Adjustable Motorcycle Trailer Assembly)
  • Patent No. 8,845,634 (Method of Sensing Gases During Medical Procedures)
  • Patent No. 8,712,788 (Method of Publicly Displaying a Person’s Relationship Status)
  • Patent No. 10,022,286 (Bedpan System)
  • Patent No. 9,993,685 (Push-up Device and Method of Use)
  • Patent No. 9,925,358 (Catheter Stabilization Device and Method of Use)
  • Patent No. 9,97,453 (Unitary Wall Outlet Charging Station)
  • Patent No. 9,910,682 (Simultaneous Website and Mobile App Creation Method and System)
  • Patent No. 9,820,478 (Animal Deterrent Spiked-strip Assembly)
  • Patent No. 9,771,202 (Reusable Mobile Electronic Device Moisture Removal Pouch and Method)
  • Patent No. 8,271,385 (Method, Device, and System for Completing On-line Financial Transactions)
  • Patent No. 9,046,341 (Fish Measuring Device and Method Therefore)
  • Patent No. 9,052,417 (LED Array Lighting Assembly)
  • Patent No. 9,410,785 (Tape Measure Device and Attachment for Measuring and Cutting Drywall)
  • Patent No. 9,440,110 (Push-Up Exercise Device)
  • Design Patent No. D767,153 (Lip Plumping Mouthpiece)
  • Patent No. 9,473,191 (Portable Handheld Container)
  • Patent No. 9,480,355 (Undergarment Organizing Device and Method of Use)
  • Patent No. 9,504,208 (Planter System)
  • Patent No. 9,586,653 (Marine Vessel Canopy)
  • Patent No. 9,707,431 (Variable Weight Toning Strap)
  • Patent No. 9,389,008 (Solar Energy Air Conditioning System with Storage Capability)
  • Patent No. 9,365,225 (Transformative Hand Cart)
  • Patent No. 9,339,158 (Auto Cleaning Toilet Seat and Method of Use)
  • Patent No. 9,067,336 (Radial Arm Saw Safety Top)
  • Patent No. 9,129,239 (Driver/parent Arrival Notification System and Method of Notification)
  • Patent No. 9,192,814 (Transformable Push-up Assembly and Method of Use Thereof)
  • Patent No. 9,129,239 (Driver/Parent Arrival Notification System and Method of Notification)
  • Patent No. 9,239,139 (Method for Decorating an Exterior Light Fixture)
  • Patent No.9,286,614 (Electronic Digital Direct-mail Collateral)
  • Patent No. D751,823 (Teddy-Bear-shaped Toothbrush)
  • Patent No. 9,311,809 (System and Method for Improving Hand Hygiene)
  • Patent No. 9,709,397 (Laser Level Track Attachment Device)
  • Patent No. 11,109,704 (Baby storage assembly)
  • Pat. No. D929,691 (Laundry ball)
  • Pat. No. 11,107,296 (Intelligent parking management system and method)
  • Patent No. 11,086,146 (Anti-fog and anti-impact rim clip for eye glasses)
  • Patent No. 11,083,472 (Single-use plantar plate graft augmentation kit and method of reparing plantar plate tears through graft augmentation)
  • Patent No. 11,109,626 (Heat shielding sleeve)
  • Patent No. 11,051,672 (Cleaning hand mitt with selectively invertable scrubbing pad)
  • Patent No. 11,041,686 (Electronic firing rifle assembly)
  • Patent No. 11,023,861 (System and method for implementation and administration of an employer-sponsored retirement plan)
  • Patent No. 11,032,979 (Apparatuses and methods for forming concrete curbing)
  • Patent No. 11,032,074 (Cryptosystem and method using isogeny-based computations to reduce memory footprint)
  • Patent No. 11,006,612 (Adjustable vehicle pet platform assembly and method of use)
  • Patent No. 10,966.493 (Whell brush and lug nut cleaner)
  • Patent No. 10,966,493 (Charm keeper assembly)
  • Patent No. 10,952,413 (Lip augmentation assembly and method of selectively plumping segments of the lips)
  • Patent No. 10,952,413 (Aquarium FA ADE assembly with encased faux human head)
  • Patent No. 10,946,260 (Sporting apparatus training aid)
  • Patent No. 10,932,538 (Portable beach safe)
Exemplary Trademark Prosecution Matters
  • Reg. No. 4,646,637 (WASTING MONEY IS NOT FUNNY)
  • Reg. No. 5,138,673 (TIGER TOUGH PRODUCTS)
  • Reg. No. 5,122,086 (ONCALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS)
  • Reg. No. 4,986,209 (GRAPHIC ARMOR)
  • Reg. No. 4,979,662 (YOUGOVI)
  • Reg. No. 5,115,424 (THE ELEMENT)
  • Reg. No. 5,087,915 (PETITE FLEUR)
  • Reg. No. 5,021,678 (HEALSCI)
  • Reg. No. 5,065,398 (JUNGLE FREEZE)
  • Reg. No. 4,974,574 (WHOOP WIRELESS)
  • Reg. No. 5,057,231 (LUXURY AUCTION)
Exemplary IP Litigation Matters
  • Flexiteek Americas, Inc. et al. v. Nuteak Decking, Inc. (Case No. 8-cv-60995) (Patent Infringement Claim)
  • Flexiteek Americas, Inc. et al. v. PlasDeck, Inc. (Case No. 12-cv-60215) (Patent Infringement and Trademark-Based Claims)
  • Global Tech LED, LLC v. Every Watt Matters, LLC (Case No. 15-cv-61933) (Patent Infringement Claim)
  • Roor v. Sanz Brothers, LLC (Case No. 16-cv-61429) (Trademark Infringement, Counterfeiting, & Unfair Competition Claims)
  • Parsont v. Mehta et al. (Case No. 14-cv-80024) (Copyright Infringement)
  • Global Tech LED, LLC v. HiLumz Int’l Corp. et al. (Case No. 15-cv-0553) (Patent Infringement, False Advertising, & Trade Libel Claims)
  • Flip Face U.S.A., LLC et al. v. Alexandria Moulding, Inc. et al. (Case No. 15-cv-00883) (Patent Infringement, Trademark Infringement, Counterfeiting, and Fraud Claims)
  • Robert E. Beer, M.D., Inc. v. Kenneth Beer (Opposition No. 91218552) (Federal Opposition Proceeding)
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